Class Situation Analysis Meeting
So as to arrange the next round of examination preparation for Grade 12 in a more scientific way and improve the review efficiency to the greatest extent, the class situation analysis meeting of the 12th grade was held in Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the west campus on 7th, 8th May respectively. Head teachers and subject teachers attended the meeting, made speeches and offered advice.
In the class situation analysis meeting, each head teacher made explanation on the class style, the study style and the present situation, specially in view of student's study manner, study custom, study psychology, the study short board, the family condition and so on. Teachers spoke freely and treated each student seriously. They talked about the advantages, found the disadvantages, decided on the measures and the best plan. Teachers expressed that in the process of preparing for the examination, they would take out energy, work hard, achieve mastery through a comprehensive study and communicate more in a targeted way to help students achieve their goals and hand in a satisfactory answer to students, parents and society.
At the meeting, Principal Assistant Ling Qian expressed his admiration for the hard-working and dedicated spirit of the teachers in Grade 12 and thanked the teachers for their dedication. In the meantime, he put forward some suggestions and requirements in that teachers were required to pay attention to every student, give up no one and treat every student fairly. What's more, teachers were supposed to warm their heart, encourage confidence, provide guidance to form an aspiring class environment. On the other hand, teachers should focus on students' psychological state and arrange time reasonably to inspire their fighting spirit, form the resultant force of the class and strive for new glories in the 2019 Senior High School Entrance Examination.