Class Situation Analysis Meeting
In order to summarize the review effect in earlier stage, further improve review efficiency in later period and help students prepare for the Senior High School Entrance Exam in a scientific way, from 28th to 29th April, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus held the class situation analysis meeting for five graduating classes in batches regarding the simulated test, which was presided over by Deputy Director Wang Shengxiang with the Junior High Department. Principal Assistant Lu Dan and Vice Director Hu Sen also attended the meeting.
First of all, by analyzing the simulated test data, the class teachers carefully interpreted the situation of each class based on the class atmosphere and students' learning status at the recent stage.
Second of all, the teachers of each class made a stage summary based on the simulated examination results and communicated with each other about the key points and matters needing attention in the next step of teaching.
Third of all, Deputy Director Wang Shengxiang asked the teachers to find the correct position, set well-defined goals and strive for the biggest improvement of each student's performance in the final test preparation phase.
Fourth of all, Principal Assistant Lu Dan gave full recognition of the results achieved by each class and required everyone to establish a sense of style of study and encouraged everyone to stay true to the original self, recognize the class situation, find the target, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, realize stratified transformation and endeavor to renew brilliance in the 2019 Senior High School Entrance Exam!
All in all, the convening of the meeting made all the teachers of Grade 9 further set clear objectives, get their ideas into shape and boost confidence. It's believed that under the guidance of the Junior High Department, students will show extraordinary talents in the 2019 Senior High School Entrance Examination.