International Education Seminar
So as to expand education opening to the outside world, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in education, establish and improve the working mechanism of internationalization in addition to providing a more extensive international cultural exchange platform for teenagers in Anqing, on the afternoon of 12th April, the fifth International Education Seminar in Anqing City and Sino-French Teenagers' Cultural Exchange Forum were grandly held in the Lecture Hall of Anqing Foreign Language School's east campus. In attendance were Madam Wang Aiwu, Vice Mayor of Anqing City, Mr. Xu Xiaochun, Director General of Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, Madam Zhang Ying, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Anqing City, Madam Sandrine Vion, Vice Principal of Silvan Middle School in Marseilles, France and Madam Huang Wenli, President of Anqing Foreign Language School.
First of all, President Madam Huang Wenli made a speech, extending a warm welcome and sincere greetings to the French teachers and students coming from afar. Madam President hoped that the friendship between French and Chinese teenagers would last forever.
Second of all, Madam Sandrine Vion, representative of Silvan Middle School, expressed that she looked forward to further cooperation between the two schools and expected that the in-depth communication of the students could promote the common development of the two schools.
Third of all, Director Xu Xiaochun pointed out that the communication and exchange between French and Chinese schools were of great significance to the education of teenagers in both countries to learn from each other and make progress together.
Fourth of all, Vice Mayor Wang Aiwu delivered a keynote speech. On behalf of the Municipal Government, Vice Mayor Wang Aiwu welcomed the teachers and students from Marseilles, France, to Anqing. It's hoped that both sides will strengthen exchanges and study as well as further enhance understanding and friendship.
Fifth of all, Director Zhang Ying and the French Principal exchanged gifts and established a profound and beautiful friendship.
On the whole, the art performance showcased by students from both schools drew a satisfactory full stop to this exchange activity, after which the French students went to the provincial model schools in Anqing City to proceed Sino-French cultural exchange activities, which not only promoted the exchanges and learning among students, realized close connection of cultural education between Marseilles and Anqing, but also enhanced the mutual understanding and cultural communication between the French and Chinese people.