Evaluation on Student Growth
On the afternoon of 18th March, at the conference room on the first floor of the administrative building, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus held the head teachers' regular meeting and conducted stage summary and arrangement of "Online Evaluation and Research on Student Development".
Initially, the meeting was presided over by Mr. Hu Sen, Deputy Director of the Junior High Department. He first gave a briefing on the use of the online evaluation system for student growth and cited examples of how the system improved students' academic performance.
Afterwards, Principal Assistant Lu Dan made a stage summary on the work of "Online Evaluation and Research on Student Development". Also, he affirmed the using effect of each head teacher.
Furthermore, Principal Assistant Lu Dan put forward requirements of the work in the next stage, requiring everyone to provide intuitive and first-hand information by means of recording and analyzing students' behavior and test scores.
Overall, the online evaluation system for student growth can strengthen students' quality training and improve their academic performance. At the same time, as a platform for teachers to grade students' quality activities in real time as well as for parents to know their children's learning conditions, the system is not only the research emphasis and direction of Anqing Foreign Language School's project topic in provincial level 'Online Comprehensive Evaluation and Research of Junior Middle School Students' Development based on Cyberspace', but also the highlight in Anqing Foreign Language School's characteristic development process.