Student Independent Management
So as to further enhance students' automonous management level, establish and perfect student management mechanism, on the morning of 22nd March, 2019, the Communist Youth League Committee of Anqing Foreign Language School held the inaugural meeting of the "Student Independent Management" Committee and the first working meeting in the Lecture Hall. Principal Assistant Lu Dan and teacher Jin Gensheng with the Youth League Committee attended the meeting.
First of all, Principal Assistant Lu Dan announced the list of student leaders of the 'Student Self-Management Committee'.
Second of all, Principal Assistant Lu Dan explained relevant rules and regulations of the committee as well as the rights and obligations of the committee members.
Third of all, Principal Assistant Lu Dan put forward requirements and hopes for all the cadres and members of the 'Student Independent Management Committee'.
To sum up, this meeting enabled all the leaders and members of the committee to further make clear their own mission and responsibility. It's believed that with the support of the school leaders and all the teachers and students, the newly established 'Student Self-Management Committee' will implement work creatively and create new glories in student management work to truely realize students' self-management, self-service and self-development.