Faculty Meeting
At midday of 1st March, at the conference room on the second floor of the administrative building, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Senior High Department held a meeting for teachers who taught art and sports in Grade 12. The meeting was hosted by Vice Director Cao Siqing with the Senior High Department.
To start with, Vice Director Cao Siqing put forward requirements to all the teachers of the art and sports class: firstly, strictly carry out class management, implement the daily code of conduct in earnest, ensure a favorable learning order and atmosphere and escort the efficient preparation of the College Entrance Examination; Secondly, lay stress on the basics, grasp the review progress, construct a highly effective classroom, pay special attention to the efficiency of the night classes and give full play to the weekly exam to tutor students; Thirdly, lay emphasis on students’ psychological counseling and grasp their psychological dynamical characteristics in time under the intensive learning to exclude the difficulty and anxiety for them.
Moreover, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong made a summary speech in which he stressed that classroom teaching mattered most within less than 100 days before the College Entrance Exam. Therefore, all the teachers should conduct in-depth research on students’ learning conditions so that their classes could better meet the needs of the students who study art and sports to have efficient classroom teaching. On the other hand, teachers should not only consciously train students’ learning quality and willpower, but also lead by example and devote themselves to the work in Grade 12 to complete various tasks earnestly, efficiently and maintain enduring fighting capacity together with students.
To conclude, at the beginning of the new term, the Senior High Department held this meeting to define the tasks for teachers who taught in the art and sports class so that teachers would exert the utmost effort. We believe all the teachers and students will gather strength and forge ahead!