Food Hygiene Inspection
On the afternoon of 21st February, 2019, Director General He with the Municipal Food and Drug Administration led the municipal inspection team to conduct a special inspection of food hygiene and safety in Anqing Foreign Language School’s student canteen. Madam Yan Hongping, Principal of General Affairs, Director Yu Lihong with the Catering Department and other relevant personnel accompanied the inspection team.
In the first place, the inspection group checked the junior and senior high student canteen of Anqing Foreign Language School, proceeded on-site inspection towards the environmental hygiene of the sale room, work standards of the employees, storage, processing, selling and reserved samples of raw food materials in addition to carefully looking up related records such as the health certificate of the cafeteria workers, certificate and invoice of food commodity, kitchen utensils disinfection, food retention samples and kitchen waste disposal.
In the second place, Madam Yan Hongping, Principal of General Affairs, reported the specific practice of food safety supervision during the inspection. Through inspection, the checking group highly affirmed the work of the student canteen in the following aspects: daily management, safety awareness of food hygiene, operation procedures and system specification. Meanwhile, the inspection team pointed out that spring was the high-occurrence season for food safety incidents. Therefore, Anqing Foreign Language School should further intensify safety consciousness of food sanitation, enhance safety supervision of food hygiene, ensure hygiene and food safety as well as guarantee the physical and psychological health of teachers and students.
In conclusion, on behalf of Anqing Foreign Language School, Principal Yan Hongping welcomed the Municipal Food and Drug Administration for their safety inspection and guidance and expressed that Anqing Foreign Language School would take this inspection as an opportunity to further strengthen management and do a solid job in food hygiene and safety administration.