Travel Log(Part Five)
It is 12th February and the second day of students’ study at College of the Canyons. Around 8.30 A.M. all the parents of the host family drove our students to the gate of College of the Canyons one after another. Teacher Katie was responsible for checking in at the gate.
Students were all here very soon. A day of English language learning began again!
We still had three big classes today, two in the morning and one in the afternoon, taught respectively by three different foreign teachers. There were colorful activities or games in each class. Foreign teachers’ pure English and their infectious smile made students learn quite easily!
During the morning classes, Tim, Director of the International Department at College of the Canyons was busy preparing for the noon barbecue.
The interesting time always passed quickly. In a blink of an eye, school time was up. When students got to the gate of College of the Canyons, parents of the host family already waited there. Then students went back to their respective home to start their anticipated boarding life!