Travel Log(First Chapter)
The overseas study tour is one of the school-running characteristics of Anqing Foreign Language School. Every summer and winter vacation, Anqing Foreign Language School will organize teachers and students to conduct overseas study tours in the United States, Canada, France, South Korea and other countries. This winter holiday, Anqing Foreign Language School continued to organize a winter camp study tour in the United States. After celebrating the Chinese New Year’s Eve and finishing the winter holiday homework, 21 teachers and students started a 15-day study tour to the United States on the third day of the Lunar New Year!  
The third day of the Lunar New Year fell on 7th February, 2019. Before departure, Anqing Foreign Language School’s President Madam Huang Wenli came to Anqing Railway Station to see off the teachers and students in person. After taking the 4-hour high-speed train, students arrived at Shanghai Station. After walking 200 meters, students reached Hanting Hotel where they stayed at night.
After dinner, everyone went back to the hotel to rest early because we would welcome the American study tour with the utmost enthusiasm. What’s more, parents sent their blessings in succession!
8th February was the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. In spite of the light snow, there was little chill in Shanghai. Students got up very early. After washing and having a nutritious breakfast, our heart flew to Pudong International Airport. We queued up, checked in our luggage, got our boarding passes, went through the safety check and boarded the plane. Everything went smoothly!
After flying over 10 hours, we arrived in San Francisco, a world-renowned tourist attraction, which is not only a port city on the Pacific coast, bu also the fourth most populous city in California. In addition, San Francisco is close to Silicon Valley, a world-famous high-tech industrial zone which is not only the most important high-tech research and development base, bu also the most significant financial center in Western United States.
San Francisco has a subtropical Mediterranean climate and is famous for its bay area, Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. The climate is warm in winter, cool in summer and full of sunshine. It is also close to many national parks (such as the Yosemite National Park) and Napa Valley where California vineyards are grown. Therefore, San Francisco is known as ‘the most popular city in America’.
The weather was not pleasant and a light rain fell in the afternoon. However, it was fabulous to visit Fisherman’s Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge in the rain! On the other hand, everyone was looking forward to better weather and better scenery tomorrow!