2017 Recruitment of Foreign Teachers
Dear Sir/Madam,

China is both an ancient and modern country. Anhui is a province with excellent traditional culture in China’s historical development. And among many cities in Anhui, Anqing is one with unique contributions to China’s historical development in the past 200 years. Here you will meet wonderful scenery, kind-hearted people and lovely and enthusiastic children. People in this city extend their arms to friends from foreign countries.

Anqing Foreign Language School (AFLS) is the only school in Anqing that pays special attention to its characteristic English teaching. Our children here are clever and enthusiastic about learning. Our English teaching adopts the model of “listening and speaking as priority, reading and writing as focus, to create a first-language environment.” Following this model, we recruit foreign teachers to train our students in English speaking, using foreign textbooks in small English listening and reading classes of 25 students each.   
In order to further build up our English teaching capacities, and create a real and natural environment of English teaching, we sincerely invite foreign friends with English as their first language to teach at our school. We’ll provide you with all the necessary conditions for your teaching and living here. We’ll also make arrangements for you to tour the city as well as other attractive sites of China, so as to enrich your teaching and living experiences here in our school. For further information, please contact us via email.

Contact: Director Xu and Ms. Dong
Phone: 86 0556 5393102
Email: 27973599@qq.com
Website: www.aqwgy.net
Address: No. 10 Zhenfeng Road, Anqing City, Anhui Province, China, P.R.