Parents’ Meeting in Grade 7
2nd September marked the registration day for all students’ arrival at school. In order to build a bridge between parents and school, at 4 P.M. in the Lecture Hall, Anqing Foreign Language School convened the Grade 7 parents’ meeting, chaired by Junior High Deputy Director Hu Sen. Principal Assistant& Junior High Director Lu Dan was the keynote speaker.
Principal Assistant Lu Dan entitled his speech ‘How to Positively Cope with Students’ Psychological Weaning Period Lays a Solid Foundation on Children ’s Happiness in Life.’ As is known to all, Grade 7, a critical grade, is a transitional period between primary schools and middle schools. Whether children can tide over this process smoothly matters great to their growth. Principal Assistant Lu set forth the problems that students may face during both psychological and learning weaning periods. More noticeably, he put forward solutions to these issues.
First of all, students are supposed to form the habit of preparing lessons before class.
Second of all, we should abide by fundamental principles in home education.
Third of all, home education is supposed to synchronize with school education to realize integration.
Furthermore, Principal Assistant Lu Dan presented Anqing Foreign Language School’s general conditions in terms of teaching status, featured activities, teaching& researching as well as teaching results. Other than that, he notified parents what they should set about doing at the moment.
Overall, Principal Assistant Lu Dan’s lecture operated from a strategically advantageous position meticulously, which resonated with parents. The parents’ meeting lasted until 5.30 P.M. We firmly believe that in the future the cooperation between parents and our school shall jointly facilitate children ’s development and create their happy lives.