All Staff Meeting in Grade 9
So as to make great efforts in education& teaching work in graduating classes and improve teaching quality, on the morning of 2nd September, at the conference room on the first floor of the administrative building, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Junior High Section of the east campus held the working conference of graduating classes for the first time in the new semester. All teachers from Grade 9 attended the meeting, hosted by Junior High Vice Director Wang Shengxiang. Also, Principal Assistant& Junior High Director Lu Dan addressed the keynote speech.
During the meeting, Principal Assistant Lu Dan analyzed the current situation in combination with the actual status of our graduating classes. He pointed out that considering the formidable task and significant responsibility, all teachers should aim at creating excellent performances and implement education& teaching jobs solidly and effectively.
In the meantime, Principal Assistant Lu deliberated over how to increase efficiency in self-study at night as well as early morning reading classes. All teachers in graduating classes offered advice and reached a consensus with regard to schedules in self-study at nigh, teaching contents in addition to teaching patterns.
To sum up, not only did this meeting make clear an explicit direction for the implementation of future work, but also got teachers’ ideas into shape and cleared their lines of responsibility.