Senior Section’s Working Conference
On the afternoon of 31st August, 2016, at the Lecture Hall, the Senior High Department of Anqing Foreign Language School convened the Term Beginning Working Conference, chaired by Vice Director Xu Haihong. Also in attendance were Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong, Senior High Deputy Directors Xu Zuitai and Cao Siqing.
In the first place, school leaders awarded certificates of honor to winners in the Moral Education Thesis Competition of 2015-2016 academic year. Yao Fengling and another four teachers were first-place gainers. Besides, the outstanding head teachers in the previous academic year were commended.
In the second place, teachers Yao Fengling, Zha Xianqing, Wang Manyun and Ding Xiping exchanged their perspectives concerning teachers’ self-transcendence respectively, which gave all teachers commendable enlightenment.
In summary, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong issued the overall arrangement in terms of moral education work, teaching work in addition to other detailed job requirements in Senior High Division of the new semester. He requested that each teacher should live up to four ‘sureness’, which means preparing lessons, presenting lessons, tutoring& correcting homework in a thoroughgoing manner. More importantly, teachers were supposed to pay close attention to students’ state of lecture attending& teaching efficiency, try hard to impart knowledge& educate students, promote professional skills, initiate innovative thinking as well as carry out Anqing Foreign Language School’s policies substantially to strive for more excellence in Senior High Section.