Studying Conditions in Grade 7
26th August, the Teaching& Research Section of Anqing City organized the investigation and detection of studying conditions for Grade 7 students who shall begin their new semester in September, 2016. So as to create a favorable test environment for students participating in the examinations in our east campus, the Junior High Department planned and prepared earnestly to guarantee warmth for each contestant and satisfy each parent in the meantime.
25th August, the Junior High Division put up warm prompts& examination arrangements at marked places around campus. The next morning of 26th August, the Logistic Department prepared boiled water and turned on air conditioners to set appropriate temperatures. At 7.40 A.M. all staff came to their positions. The invigilators counted the number of candidates and contacted parents in time for students who did not show up in the test rooms at 8 A.M., which ensured everyone not to miss the examination. After the tests, the invigilators led candidates to school canteen in staggered queue. Children were extremely excited for their first line-up in school canteen as well as the nutritious& tasty lunch. Moreover, children took noon break in good discipline in their respective examination rooms to conserve strength& store up energy for tests in the afternoon.
Overall, with the conclusion of a whole day’s tests, students told parents their gains and informative information in excitement. In spite of tiredness, our invigilators felt gratified from within.