Oxford English Learning
The autumn sky is clear and the air is crisp after the intense heat of summer. We are looking forward to the fresh start. Children who shall advance to junior high schools in the upcoming new semester are standing at the starting line, preparing passionately. Their aims center on the future road ahead.
Oxford English published by Yi Lin Press fully respects the laws of junior high students in terms of memorization, communication and application. Compared with other versions, the integrated English skills of Oxford English, Yi Lin Press are in evident superiority, which can be fairly approved by long-term practice in Senior High School Entrance Examination.
More specifically, the cohesive textbook of Oxford English is the precondition of learning Oxford English well. Therefore, a great many students who will enter junior middle schools have been taking advantage of the relaxing& ample time before the new term to study Oxford English against the clock eagerly.
The gentle morning breeze accompanied children ’s cheerful footsteps. Considerate eye contacts reflected delight from new knowledge. The raising hands lifted their confidence from within while the humor from top teachers won students’ delighted smiles.
Initially, the start of a race, followed by speeding up and then sprint. The cohesive textbook of Oxford English is your solid foundation, super-strong power as well as your navigator through the long journey.
Join us and run together!