Faculty Conference in Junior High Department
At midday of 4th March, at the merging classroom, Junior High Division of the east campus convened second-week all faculty conference.
In the first place, Deputy Director Hu Sen conducted arrangements with respect to appraisal of advanced teaching& research group, implementation of extracurricular activities in both Grade 7 and Grade 8 as well as ‘Three-Step Lesson Preparation Program’.
In the second place, Principal Assistant& Director of Junior High Sector Ling Qian analyzed the final examination. Principal Assistant Ling hoped that each class would bring their superiority into full play, fix up directions and broaden top student group under the coordination of headteachers. Also, he stressed that, considering the severe polarization of some classes& grades, teachers were supposed to care for and instruct underachievers.
In the third place, Principal Assistant Ling emphasized that taking teacher’s creative job into consideration, all staff should adopt different educational methods on the basis of different educational objects and teach students in accordance of their aptitude to innovate education& teaching.
In summary, this conference is a powerful guidance towards teachers’ education& teaching. We believe that Junior High Department shall achieve outstanding performance under firm leadership.