Major Inspection by Youth League Committee
At midday of 7th March, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Youth League Committee organized teachers from both Junior High and Senior High Division to proceed a major security inspection regarding prohibited objects in students’ dormitories.
Beginning of all, teachers proposed that students should voluntarily hand in forbidden goods.
In addition, teachers checked all possible places with the possibility of storing prohibited objects separately in that they were determined to guarantee each student’s safety on campus.
We were gratified that from the inspection result, we did not find forbidden goods such as electric appliances, knives or instruments.
Overall, Vice Principal Liu Bing, in charge of security operation, participated entirely in the check-up campaign. He reiterated that safety operation, our huge responsibility, was weightier than Mount. Tai. Anqing Foreign Language School shall continue security work to prevent trouble before it happens and take preventive measures genuinely.