2016 Columbia College Summer Camp

In order to enrich students’ summer holiday season, in 2016, Columbia International College of Canada will continue to cooperate with Anqing Foreign Language School to organize ‘Learning English& Sightseeing Canada’ Summer Camp activities, which aims to enhance students’ interest and abilities in English listening, speaking, reading and writing by means of pure English teaching, literature, art, sports& entertainment programs. Only in this way can students better experience Canadian students’ life and studies. In addition, students shall comprehend culture& history of North America via touring world-renowned institutions of higher education, museums, scenic spots as well as theme parks. Furthermore, by elite& leadership training projects, students will reinforce abilities in interpersonal communication, interpersonal skills, leadership competence in addition to team spirit. In a word, the event shall broaden their vision and expand their horizon so that they can definitely have a splendid& fruitful vacation.
Relevant issues are as follows.
In the first place, the content& characteristics of the event. All courses and programs, based on students’ English level and need, are supposed to in the full charge of experienced professionals& faculty teachers of Columbia International College of Canada. Here are the specifics. Beginning of all, comprehensively experience learning, life& extracurricular activities in Columbia International College of Canada. Further understand western culture& history. Boost students’ self-reliance and self-care capacity. More noticeably, the most effective way to advance students’ English abilities is to associate with their peers. Two, students who fancy English studies shall be provided with favorable opportunities in English-only environment via English courses, science, art, sports& entertainment, after which students shall get short-term training certificates with Columbia International College of Canada. Three, students will have a brilliant tour around University of Toronto, McMaster University, Canada’s economic center City of Toronto, Tower of Toronto and Eaton Center. Besides, they will enjoy a boat tour around Niagara Falls--the biggest waterfall rivaled with that in America and other waterfall towns. Four, near Bark Lake with almost 10,000 acres primitive forest, lakes and log cabins, students will carry out rock climbing, beach volleyball, high ropes, low ropes, canoeing to train their leadership power and outdoor extending activities. Five, sightseeing in capital city Ottawa. Also, from Montreal to Quebec, students shall feel French style charm& romance and visit the fabulous Thousand-Island Lake.
In the second place, time arrangement: 15 days, from 18th July to 1st August, 2016.
In the third place, activity budget: RMB 30,800 per person. The fees include: visa fee, international round-trip air fare, airport revenue, total expenditure of meals, accommodation, transportation, activities& insurance. T-shirts, folders& course-completion certificates with Columbia International College of Canada. Passport fees and personal shopping cost are excluded.
In the fourth place, registration time: please return the receipt to headteacher on 14th March, 2016.

                                     3rd March, 2016