2016 GaoKao Preparation Seminar in AFLS
28th February, 2016, University Entrance Examination Paper(National Version) Outline and Instruction& Analysis Seminar was convened in Anqing Foreign Language School. Deputy Director General Zhang Lianfu with Municipal Education& Sports Bureau attended the meeting and made a keynote speech. The meeting was chaired by Director Sun Yan with Municipal Teaching& Research Office. Nearly 700 teachers from senior high schools of Anhui Province participated in the conference. More noticeably, this is the fourth consecutive time that Anqing Foreign Language School has undertaken the College Entrance Examination Syllabus Instruction& Analysis Seminar, organized by Municipal Teaching& Research Section. Our school’s graceful environment and detailed management won favorable reputation from conventioners, experts as well as teachers.
At 8.30 A.M. special-class teacher Dean. Chen Qingjun, with Beijing Comprehensive Education Exam Assessment Center, analyzed relevant circumstances with regard to University Entrance Examination’s proposition of the recent 10 years. He recommended his reflection on high school teaching and put forward eager prospects towards frontline graduating class teachers. There was an extraordinary outburst of warm applauses from the assembly room every now and then.
At 1.30 P.M. teachers of various disciplines arrived at designated classrooms to proceed seminars respectively. Wang Daji and other specialists from Beijing issued brilliant reports regarding proposition charcateristics& rules of the national volume, guiding teachers to make adjustments in accordance with exam preparation strategies.
To conclude, this seminar provides a splendid learning platform for Anqing Foreign Language School’s teachers, who unanimously agreed that experts from Beijing are experienced and the report itself is rich in content as well as specifically targeted. Our teachers received large amounts of guidance, indicating clear directions for 2016 College Entrance Examination prepartion in addition to further gaining confidence.