School Opening Work with Primary Section
With the conclusion of festival and joyous winter holiday, all teachers in Primary Department of Anqing Foreign Language School greeted the brand new term. In order to conduct term beginning work feasibly, Primary Section made preparations beforehand and meticulously. All staff members were devoted into various job assignments with sheer enthusiasm and earnest attitude.
Ahead of the school opening day, Anqing Foreign Language School organized training programmes for teachers, especially the lecture entitled ‘Management Innovation in Class Education under CIS’, presented by Teacher Zhang Wanguo with the Affiliated Middle School of Southwest University. The speech triggered reflection and motivated impetus for work innovation. Furthermore, Primary Department held meetings for administrative staff, leaders of teaching& research group as well as all teachers in Primary Division.
Also, the meetings confirmed work plans at all levels and made clear job assignments& specific details in the new term.
Upon the registration day, headteachers and teachers in all subjects tidied classrooms in advance and warmly welcomed the arrival of students. In the afternoon, teachers took the initiative to distribute teaching materials. In the evening, Primary Divison gave a full account of the number of students in addition to modified data concerning school bus pick-up circuit for students in the downtown area to guarantee well-arranged pick-up service.
In addition, Primary Department seized the opportunity of term beginning day by holdiing the flag-raising ceremony earnestly. Besides, class meetings got under way in each class.Teachers in charge of their classes implemented security education, civility education and entrance adaptation of new students by various means. To ensure safety of students, safety watchers’ post during recess time was in effect since the first day of school opening day.
Overall, term beginning work of Primary Department of Anqing Foreign Language School was swift and well-organized, creating a favorable beginning for the new semester.