Challenge makes life wonderful

A: Good morning, honored teachers and dear students. I’m Leng Jun, from Grade 1 of Junior High.

B: Hello, everyone. I’m Wu Xian, from Grade 2 of Junior High.

C: I’m Wu Yuhua, from Grade 1 of Senior High.

D: And I’m Li Tingna of Grade 2, Senior High.

A: As students representing the four grades of grade 1 and 2 of junior high and those of senior high, we are standing here today for a common speech entitled Challenge Makes Life Wonderful, dedicated to those of our fellow students who will take part in the looming college entrance examination and senior high school entrance exam.  

B: Yeah. For us students, the college entrance exam and senior high school entrance exam are undoubtedly the most important part in the whole of our life. Though I’m a grade 2, junior high student, I can feel some of my fellows are preparing for these two exams with the most urgency, and afar as they are for me, I and every student around me are nevertheless actually working really hard for them 

C: As a grade 1, senior high student who has experienced the senior high entrance examination with a score not necessarily outstanding, I can proclaim proudly that I haven’t had any regret since I had done my best before the exam and as far as the best effort has been put into everything, the outcome doesn’t matter anymore. Our life in grade 1 of senior high will soon over and is awaiting us the college entrance exam, a bigger challenge. In taking the challenge, I’ll do my best, once again, in preparing for the exam for the simple fact that challenge makes life wonderful.  

D: My life as a grade 2, senior high student is coming to an end, too. Although the challenge of the college entrance exam is a year away, all the students of grade 2, senior high have already been preparing for it with hard work since a long time ago. Challenge makes life wonderful, and with challenges come surpasses and with surpasses our growth. Hence we’ll definitely do our best with our hard work, preparing for the challenge and creating a wonderful life, in our best years of life.  

A: Here and now, our fellow students who will take part in the incoming exams, we want to say to you what we want to most.

B: Everyone will come across a challenge after another in his or her life and the strong will only choose to face them with courage. Faced with the senior high exam and the college entrance exam, you’ve already proved you’re the strong with your actions. We shall learn from you.

C: With direction having been chosen, what’s left to do is move on steadfastly. As the challenge of the two entrance exams come closer, a person’s will comes at harder test. We are from the same school, and we sincerely hope you will do exceedingly well in the exams.

D: Learning is a hard thing, and in the days left it will get even harder. This hardness doesn’t mean much, though, for those who cherish dreams and aim high. Only those who are willing to taste bitterness and persistent in tasting it can harvest the sweetness of success in the end. We will pray for you, and we expect to share your sweetness and joy after the two exams, too.

A: We hope you’ll face the challenge with smile in the days left no matter how hard your learning is. In the end , let’s pray together for your success in this year’s senior high and college entrance exams.