Let’s Face Life with Smiles

Student No. 2: Good morning, honored teachers and dear fellow students. We are student representatives from grade one of the junior high, and the tile of our speech today is “let’s face life with smiles.”


Student No. 1: Let’s face life with smiles


Living in this colorful world, we experience both happiness and sorrows, tasting all the tastes of life in failures and finding confidence to move on. In the real society, smiles are the truest of languages. Give yourself a smile when you fail to understand yourself better, to discern your shortcomings in the failure and avoid the same mistake next time. No matter it’s a failure or success, or it’s perfect or not, or fair or unfair, we have to face it with smiles. If we face life with smiles, life will face you with smiles, too.


Student No. 2: Let’s face study with smiles


It’s hard to detail the bitterness of study, but it’s also hard to detail the sweetness of study. In our study, bitterness is mixed together with sweetness. Many students study hard while immersing themselves in sweetness, as they both achieve excellent scores and enjoy the happiness from their study. If it is faced with a negative attitude, study will return you with sufferings and failure. As students, we should learn to face study with smiles, seeking joy in hardship, and pursuing continued progress in joy.


Student No. 3: Let’s face our teachers with smiles


China is a land of amenity where respect for teacher is a traditional virtue. When we meet a teacher on campus, we should say hello or nod with a smile, as it’s both a show of our amenity and a display of our respect for others and high civil manners. It’s easy to receive praises from teachers with smiles, but we should learn to welcome teachers’ benign criticism with smiles and thanks from our heart.


Students No. 4: Let’s face fellow students with smiles


Our fellow students, who spend days and nights with us, come from different families with distinctive backgrounds. Only through mutual respect and understanding, therefore, can friendly coexistence be possible. So our fellow students should be faced with smiles, smiles as blessing when they succeed and encouragement when they fail. Misunderstanding and conflict are unavoidable among students, but like warm sunshine, smiles can drive away all the unpleasant.


Student No. 5: Let’s face our parents with smiles


No one can choose his or her parents, and every one of us will be a parent in the future. One’s parents can’t be perfect just as one who will become a parent himself or herself can’t perfect. It’s the greatest favor bestowed upon you that your parents have brought you onto the world. Honoring one’s parents is therefore something that everyone should undertake in the whole of his or her life. Show your parents ever more understanding, ever more gratitude, ever more greetings and ever more smiles, which is something everyone should have done, since the parents of every one of us are unique.


Student No. 2: That’s the end of our speech. Thank you all.