Niki is one of the new teachers at AFLS who joined us in November 2014. Before he started teaching, he worked dreadfully long days filling in customs paperwork, and he's very happy to have a job that lets him work with people. He got his CELTA certificate early 2013, and is very enthusiastic about teaching, and writing about himself in the third person.

He's been in Anqing for 2 weeks, totalled - and is very impressed with the warm reception he's been given - though he hopes the perennial Anqing fog will clear up sooner, rather than later.His students seem very enthusiastic, but he assumes that's because they haven't figured out yet that he's planning to give them a lot of homework.

Niki’s hobbies include board games, travel and talking to people. His other interests are diverse, and you're as likely to find him watching the Götterdämmerung as you are to catch him watching "The Avengers' with popcorn in hand.

He wishes to apologize for the awful picture, but swears it's a family curse.