I arrived in Anqing on the evening of August 28th. I was tired after a long journey from Shanghai, but I was happy because the other teachers were so kind to me, and my apartment was so big! I was expecting a very small apartment because it was an old classroom, but it has two rooms and its own bathroom. It's wonderful!

I have now been in the city for about a month, and I feel very comfortable. Anging is a beautiful city, which has been very fun to explore! My favorite places so far are the river and linghu park, but I know Anqing has many more wonderful places for me to discover.

Anging's cuisine, or food, has been delicious. I eat noodles every day, I think the most delicious are Beijing noodles. I have also tried some new foods like duck's blood and goose feet. I was surprised by their taste and look forward to eating more new foods!

The best part about Anqing, however, are its people. The local adults I have met have been very helpful, answering all my questions and taking care of me when I have been confused. The other teachers have been patient with me as I learn Chinese and always smile to me making me feel welcome.

Finally, the students are amazing. Their English level is far better than I expected and they all have kind hearts with lots of energy! Sometimes they have too much energy, but too much energy for English class is OK!

I look forward to seeing more of Anging, eating Chinese foods and meeting many more people. Please say hello if you see me! Also, if you want to learn more about me, I have a blog at http://danoff.org/leftinfront.

Thank you Anqing!