Rebecca:My experiences of Anqing Foreign Language school so f

Anqing foreign language school an introduction.


My name’s Rebecca. I am from a small village in the south west of England. I came to China in August 2007. I recently graduated from Oxford University with a master’s degree in chemistry and came to China with the wish to learn more about its culture and learn some Chinese. I was sent to Anqing by a British organisation to teach oral English. This is my first visit to China.


Anqing is a small Yangtze city surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in Anhui province. I arrived with my fellow British council teacher in late august and was met by our mentor teacher Monica, who has provided far more help than could be imagined. She made me feel very welcomed here as a foreigner to a strange environment. We have even been to her home to make jiaozi which was fantastic fun!


I quickly realised school life here is very different to what I’d been used to in Britain, especially the much earlier starts. However I’ve settled in well with constant support from our mentor and fellow English teaching colleagues who have been very friendly and welcoming. I have also made many friends outside school who have helped me settle in well.


I was very anxious about teaching here for the first time especially with very little knowledge of the Chinese language and no formal teaching qualifications. These reservations soon vanished and I have so far found the teaching has been a good experience. As I am here to teach oral English I was very thankful that the school thought it best for my classes to have a maximum of 24 students, which provides more opportunity for student involvement. Generally the students here have a very high level of English, far more advanced in fact than I was expecting. The students very much enjoy playing language games and learning English songs which offer a fun element to the classes.  Lessons sometimes also provide an occasion to learn more about traditional Chinese events and festivals which I have found extremely interesting.


Overall I have found my experience in Anqing good and look forward to exploring more of China.