Patience, that is something I learned in China; I’ve been an English teacher for quite sometime  and yes, I definitely learned how to be patient with students while in China. In the span of my teaching career I have been described as friendly but strict; easy-going but straightforward; and more often than not bubbly but serious. But, if I were to describe myself then I would say that “patience” is a virtue I never had and that I learned it the hard way and I it took me years to acquire.
Working and living in China has its’ good and bad sides. I won’t refute the fact that I came here for a greener pasture but that would also mean sacrificing a lot, and that is being away from my family and my loved ones.
On a lighter note, I am back for another year with the AFLS family! I learned a lot and enjoyed my first two years while teaching in the west campus; I am hoping that this year would  be another fruitful year for me, my colleagues, and my senior high students. See you around!! :)