Hugging the Sunshine and Studying Happily

Hugging the Sunshine and Studying Happily

Dear teachers and students, good morning.

I’m Jin Mengjie from Class 8, Grade 1 of senior high. Our topic today is “Hugging the Sunshine and Studying Happily.”

Someone says, “The life of students is grey, piles of homework makes us frightened. Repeated exercise is so boring. Teachers’ talking have us worried and nervous.”

Others say, “The life of students is painful. At dawn we should read books loudly. At the midnight we should still study. In the hot summer we are buried in mountains of books. In the snow winter, we cannot grasp so many exercises.”

However, our life is full of sunshine, filled with happiness, in any time we ignore.

Happiness is in a flash when we gain the knowledge. We have changed a lot from an unknown teenager to a confident youth. We are souring in the knowledge sea merrily, understanding the beauty of the language, learning mathematics rules and the profound significance of history; observing the secrets of atoms. The more the world opens the magical doors for us, the more happiness is like a fairy, dancing beautifully.

In a second, we can feel happy in solving a difficult problem, a physical question,, a subject bearing strength, a complex index function, a protein uniting and separating. Maybe it is a tiger in the way, which we defeat with our courage, intelligence, persistence, and hard working. Happiness spreads like the spring wind when we become enlightened at once.

Happiness is what we stick to behaving ourselves well, with the help of the ideas of the former worthies the guidance of teachers, and the kindness from classmates. Can we come up with our noble dreams and the right attitude towards life? Thanks to this great power, we improve ourselves, in both minds and bodies. Happiness is twinkling in the Chinese traditional moral, like a bright fine burring.

Studying happily is ability; as we should have a happy heart in studying, to achieve success, during the limited time. If you think studying is a task, or you should be studied, feel unhappy during studying. There is no point in studying.

Every student, it is short time for us to study in Anqing Foreign Language School. In no time should we hold the wonderful studying. Consider the studying as a happiest thing, and save the power of future.

Let’s hug the sunshine and study happily.