Cherish Life

Good morning, respected school leaders and teachers, and dear fellow students.

My topic for today’s Speech under the National Flag is Cherish Life and the Law.

For us students, we should improve ourselves by further strengthening our discipline and morality so as to keep crimes far away from our campuses, removing the soil from which campus crimes grow. There are many cases that expose certain conditions and climates under which campus crimes happen. The more weakened the students’ moralities and the less disciplined they are, the more such crimes happen. The campus crime is something that is undertaken stealthily, and therefore it has to be committed in the dark. If we let the sun shine over our campus, those criminals will not dare to show up. What is the sunshine? It is the integrity of the school, and of all the students. Only by which can the good prevail over the bad.

To avoid harms or injuries, we students should pay attention to all of the following. First, keep close watch to the doors of our classroom and dorm, making sure they are securely closed, and put money and valuables in safe places. Second, ask for leave whenever going out, and be accompanied whenever walking in the evening, so that your parents or teachers know where you go or that there is someone beside you to reduce the possibility of criminal attacks against you. Third, we students should study the Law of Juvenile Protection to have a clear idea that in which aspects we juveniles are protected by the law. In case of being bullied, of danger or potential danger, we should in no time contact teachers, parents and/or police, seeking protection and help from the school, the family and the society at large. If harm or injury is already inflicted on us, we should make use of the law to see justice is done and those responsible receive due punishment.

Fellow students, it is plain that there wouldn’t be any proper order absent discipline. Fellow students, the law is so sacred that it mustn’t be violated. Only if we students all learn the law, know the law, understand the law, abide by the law and make use of the law to be a law-abiding citizen, and grow up safely, healthily, and robustly.