Integrity Should Spread Through the Campus

Dear teachers and students, Good morning!

I am Wang Chanchan from Class 6 Grade 9. The theme of our speech today is that integrity should spread through campus.

Greeting the morning sun, bathing in the morning breeze, on such a beautiful morning, we are happy that a new week is here. Anqing Foreign Language School is full of vigor and vitality, where we have learned to be independent, to grow up, to understand, and the more we need to learn to be honest. Prudential, that is, to be honest. Sincerity means to keep a promise. Honesty is a traditional virtue in China. It is a silent language that is subtly moving and hovering around us. Trustworthiness is invisible, but can be a panoramic view. Trustworthiness is colorless but brilliant. Trustworthiness is tasteless but can send out a full-bodied fragrance anytime and anywhere. It has a striking force.

I still remember a story which happened in Beijing University. A new student just entered the school, and he was carrying bags in the large campus at a loss. Suddenly, he saw an old man, so he put his luggage on the old man’s side and asked him for help. But an hour later, after the boy completed all his procedures back, the old man was still there to keep the luggage for him. What’s more, he found the old man at the next day’s ceremony. The old man actually sat in the middle of the stage. The boy was surprised to know the old man is the famous oriental linguist, educator, essayist and vice-principal of Beijing University, Ji Xianling. Looking after the luggage may be just a small thing in our eye, but it is the most important thing to Mr. Ji. The charm personality from honesty in Mr. Ji deeply moved us, not only the boy but also all of us.

Old Mr. Ji made a promise that would be kept. Young Washington acknowledged that he cut the cherry tree. All of these are the best examples to show us that how important the honesty is! Dear fellow students, we are all teenagers. Teenager is the best time for us to shape one’ personality and cultivate moral character. How to get along with our classmates? How to learn each lesson well? How to get good scores in each exam? All of these are tests for us. If we spoil our trustworthiness, if we cheat in our study, we will not be able to stand out in the future competitions.

Dear teachers and schoolmates, let’s start from doing small things in our life. Let’s try our best to influence the students around us with more awareness and greetings. Let the acts of fraud float away from us so that the air in our campus is cleaner.

Let’s plant the seeds of honesty so that justice and integrity can be carried forward in Anqing Foreign Language School!

Our speech is over. Thank you!