Colorful Campus, Wonderful Lives

The breeze is a sign of cool autumn and the orange osmanthus spreads its fragrance here and there at the same time.

When the autumn sunshine was sprinkling on our campus, the flags of our seventh sports meeting swung to winds while the resounding national anthem shook the whole world. /More than two thousand students marched in neat phalanxes robustly with the momentum of great soldiers on the battlefield. They cheered, well-behaved, elated and courageously fought for their class. Everything tells us the spirit of striving to make a good show, make progress and exceed others.

When innocent smiles bloomed in youthful faces, when they skillfully decorated every classroom, every dormitory, it came our wonderful beautification matches that called “I love my class”, “I love my room”. Through these activities can help students better understand the meaning of beauty and the meaning of our common family. Yes, we must work together to decorate our campus and make it better by our heart.

In our beautiful October, we will encounter many brilliant boys and girls who belong to our after-school activities group and art clubs. All kinds of athletic events and talent activities are very popular among our students. We have love in studying hard, we have skills in keeping fit and we have ways in showing our youth. /So we can unabashedly say: “Everyone, it is the season for us to harvest health and friendship. It is the paradise for us to enjoy. It is the stage for us to show ourselves.”

When the brilliant autumn is increasingly far away from us, an unprecedented revelry comes. It is our annual Halloween which can help us experience different cultures. Everybody, Anwai Halloween will be quite different from others while the whole campus will be full of colorful flags, excited visitors and sweet songs. So let’s dress ourselves with festive costumes and cheer as we like.

Dear students, our campus is colorful, our lives are wonderful. Let us make Anwai better and better with our wisdom, health and progress.

Thank you.