Anwai, Our Family
Dear leaders, teachers and students,
Good morning! We are Hu Liangwang and Wu Sihan from class 1 Senior 3. The topic of our speech today is “Anwai, Our Family”.
We grow up happily in her embrace in three years.
We work hard in the spring and enjoy the harvest in the autumn here.
She is Anwai, our campus, the place from which we want to fly, and also our home. There are so many things in life that you should cherish. When you are elderly, looking back on the old days, you must treasure the experiences of the school time most.
A person, no matter how high social status he is, no matter how much achievement he gets, he won’t forget the great efforts he made in the past. We should never forget our happiness comes from. We must be grateful to our teachers.
Anwai, our home, she receives so many students from different families. She teaches seriously, and gives us a chance to swim in the ocean of knowledge. She brings us up conscientiously to make us the successors of building our motherland. 
The picturesque campus, vast knowledge gallery, kind teachers and classmates, all these we can’t forget. Anwai is an excellent painting, meaningful poem, a touching history. Everything she has affects our passion for this big family.
Anwai is our family. She works hard silently. Our love for her won’t fade. Because of love, we have the responsibility to make great efforts for a better family. We should love everything in our school, maintain the honor of our school, and win glory for Anwai.
Our shining youth sparks here, and our energetic blood floods here. No matter what happens, no matter where we go, we won’t forget our school.
We have our fantasy, call from the future here. We are ready to greet the future and create hopes in the embrace of Anwai. We should work hard for the glory of our campus and ourselves.
That’s all! Thank you!