Good Habits, Better Life

Good morning, dear teachers and schoolmates.

We’re XXX and XXX of XXX from the primary department. Today our topic is good habits, better life.

Bacon says: The habit is a great strength; it is the key to life. I have read a story: one German was drunk, staggered, but he still found a trash bin for the empty wine bottle in his hand. A drunkard can do this act, which is the power of habits.

How to develop our good habits? First of all, we should check ourselves, and think about the bad habits around us. Do you notice that one student chases after another one and shout loudly in the hallway? This kind of behavior not only affects the normal study order, but also brings a lot of hidden trouble of safety. Is it your responsibility? Do you notice that your friends’ words? Are the harsh words right? Is there your voice? Are you polite to your teachers or elders? Are you friendly to your mates? Have you read books today? Do you finish your homework on time?

Don’t regard these as trivial things. The ancients said: Do not do evil things though they may be insignificant. Do not give up good things though they may be minor matters. There are many teachers and students who are working hard in our campus. Have you thought about their work when you throw a piece of paper or a plastic bag? What you need do is lifting your fingers to throw the trash to the garbage can. If everyone can develop a good habit, our campus will be cleaner and more beautiful.

We should keep developing good habits, and influence the schoolmates around us with our good behavior. Friends, let us get used to studying, to thinking, to doing things seriously, to being friendly to everyone in future. If these come to be your habits, you will be excellent everywhere.

Sow an action, you will reap a habit; sow a habit, you will reap a character; sow a character, you will reap a destiny. May everybody will develop a good habit and have a better life.

That’s all. Thank you.