Integrity Should Spread through Campus

Distinguished teachers and dear students, good morning!

The theme of my speech today is that integrity should spread through the campus.

Greetings the morning sun, bathing in the morning breeze, on such a beautiful morning, we are happy that a new week is here. An Qing Foreign Language School is full of vigor and vitality, where we have learned to be independent, to be honest, to grow up, and to understand each other .Honesty is a silent language that is subtly moving and hovering around us.

Prudential is to be honest; sincerity means to keep a promise. Honesty is a traditional virtue in China. Honesty is regarded as a moral standard, denoting that people’s thoughts and actions should be consistent, honest, and true.

Honesty spreads in communication as well as in enterprise, so does our campus. When we are in contact with friends, no matter how trivial promises, we should always try to keep them. When we argue with classmates, no matter how complicated the misunderstanding, we should be frank. In the study of life, we must resist behavior, such as copying other’s homework or cheating in exams and so on.

An honest and trustworthy person can stand on the community; a trustworthy nation can rank among the nations of the world and win the international trust.

Teachers and fellow students: Let us start doing small things from the start of life. When you say each word, you have to determine its meaning. Do not boast, saying empty words. When you do something wrong, you must have the courage to bear the consequences. Don’t quibble and escape responsibility. When you agree to the request of other people, you have to guarantee you can do that.

Try your best to influence and encourage the students around you with more awareness and greetings. Let the acts of fraud away float from us so that the air in our campus is cleaner. Let’s plant the seeds of honesty so that justice and integrity can be carried forward in An Qing Foreign Language School.

My speech is over.

Thank you for your listening!