Let’s try hard at the new starting point

Dear teachers and schoolmates, good morning!

First, I congratulate on every schoolmate. Because of your own hard work, you can emerge from numerous students. Now, you come to Anqing Foreign Language School, and become one of the members in this big family. Welcome to our family. Let’s study together. Let’s make progress together!
It’s a new term and a new starting point again. I think back one year ago, I was an ignorant and childish little girl. At that time, I become a middle school student with nice dreams. Nowadays, after one year’s study in Anqing Foreign Language School, I tasted a mixture of sadness and happiness, which makes me understand more and become mature.
Today on this occasion, I see many new and familiar faces, like me, with wonderful ideas and dreams. Because to everyone here, today is a new beginning, everyone will go to a higher grade, and everyone also has a new start. Perhaps before you were dissatisfied with your results, even you did not like to make close friends with others, and you regretted making so many mistakes…but, no matter how bad your past was, a new beginning shows a new hope, and a new hope may hint at success.
To primary schoolmates, now it’s the purest and nicest period. You should catch each minute and each second, and study happily. I hope that you all can always wear smiles on your faces.
Younger brothers and sisters in Grade 1, you may have the same feeling as me before. So please go to experience the middle school life bravely. Meanwhile, study hard to get points in the examination to enter the senior high school after three years. Anqing Foreign Language School is waiting for you to input fresh vigor.
Schoolmates in Grade 2, you all feel nervous like me, we all have spent one-third of the middle school life, and we are also used to the new environment. So let’s try our best to study harder than before to make us feel more confident during the study in Grade 3.
As for the elder brothers and sisters in high school, I feel glad that you have succeeded in passing the examination to enter the high school. I hope that you can not only lead an unforgettable life in high school in Anqing Foreign Language School, then stride to your ideal gate, but also set good examples to us. Let’s follow you to study happily.

No matter who you are, from now on, in order to make our dream become true, we all should study hard together at the new point.