Keep the Law in Mind

Dear teachers and schoolmates, good morning!

The topic of my speech today is “Keep the Law in Mind”

As far as our students’ concerns, it is important and required that we all should strengthen our sense of law and start it from ourselves. For only in this way, can we sweep out the soil on which criminals are bred and thus keeping crimes away from our campus. And it has been indicated in many cases that the less attention students pay to their discipline, the more crime events happen among them. Campus crimes are such filthy deeds that they only exist under darkness and stop with light. And light is defined as the righteousness spreading out in our campus and also our students. Such is exactly what we usually said, “Justice always prevails.”

Now, here are some tips that might help us: Firstly, the doors of our classroom and dormitory are supposed to be closed as soon as we leave. And our money as well as other valuable things should be properly kept. Secondly, we should always ask permissions from parents and teachers when going outside. Keeping them informed of where we are intend to go. And when it’s dark in the night, we’d better walk together so as to look after each other in case of any trouble. Last but not the least, every one of us should get well acquainted with the Law on the Protection of Minors that explicitly specified on which aspects our students ought to be protected. So when faced with danger, we must contact our parents, teachers and even the police to seek for help as crimes are supposed to be exposed without any doubt.

Nothing can be accomplished without standards. And the law is sacrosanct. May us all grow up safely and healthily as a young citizen who learns, knows and abides by the law.

Thank you!