Happy Learning and Happy Growing

Learning is like a thick cup of coffee. Tasting it carefully, we may come to understand what it really means, and whether it is bitter or sweet, we have to feel it by our heart.


Some say learning tastes bitter. Looking at the pile of test papers but without any clue in head, they sigh that learning is just like a small room with the door and windows closed and the gas turned on by God. Nevertheless, I’d like to point out that learning is a joyful process. We should follow the example of Shawshank to open a hole on one of the walls of this small black room called learning, and in such a way you will find out that learning is actually full of fun: you may recite poems or compose couplets using classical Chinese together with your goods friends, look in nature for the beauty of mathematical patterns, or grasp the essence of projectile motion in playing Angry Birds, etc. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that learning is not necessary hard work and what matters is your attitude towards learning. If you learn for others, you will certainly not learn well. On the contrary, if you learn because you think it is cool, everything will become rather easy for you.


Beyond learning, attitude plays an important role of promotion in our growth, too. Like the foundation of the building that is life itself, correct attitude points to a bright future. You are living your life now, which will be scrutinized by yourself in the future, so don’t make yourself disappointed when you grow up, as life is no turning back. Without good attitudes, the building of life will eventually collapse.


In both our learning and our growing, we can find happiness, happiness from harvest and happiness from success. Finally, we hope you, our fellow students, can learn persistently and meet challenges fearlessly and happy learning and happy growing.