Safety is Above All

Safety is above All

Good morning, dear teachers and schoolmates.Today, my topic of the speech is Safety is above all.


Pavel Korchagin once said that man’s dearest possession is life. It is given to him but once. When talking about the life, we must relate it to safety.  If life is a flower, then safety is serving as a foil of beautiful and charming greenery. If life is a painting, then safety is the pen that draws beauty. If life is a river, then safety can be regarded as a dam that makes passage clear.  the shadow of life and the blood of life.


However, in our real life, many young men lost their lives because of carelessness. How many people died on roads and how many teenagers disappeared in rivers or lakes are vivid lessons in front of us. Safety only has the start but no endWithout it, we might fall over with being badly battered. Without safety, we couldn’t create our brilliant life. No matter who ignores safety, a heavy price must be paid!


Everyone has but one life to lose. As long as we know this: nip in the bud. Take each step on the road of life well. be careful and aware of everything. Keep your eyes open and pay much attention to safety. Also, we should care about our lives, regulate the procedure and obey the rules such as no chasing and fighting in classrooms, being careful when walking on wet floors, and no push and squeeze when walking up and down stairs. We’d better be civilized and orderly, not slide down rails or climb up and try to avoid colliding with others and falling over when playing sports.Moreover, we need to pay attention to the food safety, don’t eat contaminated food or food from the stalls and do more exercise to improve our health and prevent from diseases.


In the aspect of classmates, we should love and help each other rather than fighting with and swearing at each other Everyone of us should pay much attention to traffic safety in particular. We need to be careful when crossing roads and avoid running the red light. In society, all of us had better take appropriate measures to take voluntary actions against injustice by recognizing our abilities and conditions well.


Dear mates, the responsibility of safety is extremely heavy. Just thinking of our beloved parents, our teachers and classmates, please remember safety is above all else! Join me in wishing that our campus become a safe, healthy and lively wonderland!


That’s all. Thank you for listening!