Final Summary Meeting
This morning, the good news of the Senior High School Entrance Examination arrived and in the afternoon all staff of the Junior High Department of the west campus gathered in the lecture hall to share the joy. The teachers worked hard, gathered themselves together, and watered success with sweat; Moreover, all staff of Anqing Foreign Language School made arduous efforts, strove for the best and once again forged ahead to witness their original aspiration with fruitful results. 
First and foremost, the end-of-term meeting was chaired by Principal Assistant Hu Qilin, who reviewed the work of this semester and highly affirmed the education and teaching work of this semester. Reviewing the work of the semester, Principal Assistant Hu Qilin highly praised that the successful conclusion of this semester's teaching and learning work and a great many remarkable achievements were the results of the joint efforts of all the staff. Therefore, on behalf of the school, he expressed his sincere thanks to all the teachers for their hard work and dedication.
Furthermore, Principal Assistant Hu Qilin and all the teachers carefully read the course we went through in this academic year. We deeply felt that this was a year in which our school attached great importance to accumulating culture and developing connotation, which was also a year in which our education and teaching developed vigorously, thus making fruitful achievements.
To be specific, this year, window awareness increased. According to the main points of school work and the deployment of the work at the beginning of the semester, our school has enhanced the awareness of publicity, home-school communication, news media, inter-school communication and other ways so that the majority of students, parents and the society can fully understand Anqing Foreign Language School.
Additionally, during the year, security management increased in that the guard management is more strict, the campus patrol is more careful, logistics support is more thoughtful, and all unsafe hidden dangers have been eliminated. Evidently, only in a civilized, safe and accident-free campus can students learn happily.
Besides, this year, ritual education is emphasized; Featured activities highlight the concept and system implementation sublimates to culture.
Last but not the least, during this year, the level of education, teaching and research of our school has been constantly improved, and the results are beaming.
As the saying goes, ‘all the difficult things in the world must come from the easy things; Meanwhile, all the great things that happen in the world must come from small accumulations.’ With the emphasis on the routine, the details and the process, we will be able to improve the quality of education and teaching in an all-round way and push it to a new level.
In conclusion, we faced a series of changes, and accepted a series of tests. However, with the belief of honor sharing and responsibility sharing, all staff of Anqing Foreign Language School pushed forward the work smoothly, orderly, safely and stably. In additon, our educational philosophy and achievements have also received wider attention and recognition from the society. More noticeably, we shall work hard for education and will challenge a new height bravely.