Conference of Teaching and Research Leaders
In order to strengthen the guidance and management of school education and teaching work, further ensure the smooth development of teaching work at the end of the term, and enhance the teaching routine of the teachers, in the first class on the afternoon of 27th June, 2022, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Junior High Department of the east campus held the final working conference of teaching and research group leaders in the conference room on the second floor of the administrative building.
At the beginning of the conference, the teaching and research leaders reported the teaching work of each subject since this semester. First of all, teacher Yang Sheng from the Chinese group introduced some regular work of this semester, such as the normal opening of demonstration lessons, the smooth development of the Blue Project activities, and the scheduled holding of disciplinary activities. Meanwhile, Yang Sheng said that in the new semester, the task requirements of the department should be put in place to improve the executive ability of teachers; What’s more, attention should be paid to the growth of young teachers, not only in their classroom teaching, but also the ability of proposition and the grasp of the test questions in the Senior High School Entrance Examination.
Second of all, starting from the characteristics of the subject, Wu Xiang, teacher of the mathematics group, pointed out that teachers should cultivate students' learning habits of solving problems, thinking more and developing their interest in learning. On the other hand, teachers should focus on the validity of assignments when assigning them. Additionally, other routine teaching work would be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the school. 
Third of all, teacher Yang Chun expressed that the English group was a young team on the whole. During the semester, all teachers displayed open classes, and the quality of teaching has been significantly improved. Moreover, the subject activities were rich and colorful, including the English writing competition, dictation competition, English famous stories telling competition and so on, which greatly enriched students' extracurricular life. In addition, the teachers’ tasks during the holiday were clearly defined in that the teachers should prepare the contents of the books before the school started.
Fourth of all, Ma Wei, teacher of the politics group, said that all teachers should strengthen their study and constantly improve their political thought and professional quality. Also, the lesson preparation group should sum up the experience from the test propositions of the Senior High School Entrance Examination and lay emphasis on the second lesson preparation in teaching. Moreover, Ma Wei encouraged the teachers to actively write papers.
Fifth of all, according to the just finished history exam questions of the Senior High School Entrance Examination, teacher He Chun of the history group pointed out that the teachers should concentrate on students' ability training in the history class at ordinary times, and reinforce the connection with the Senior High School Entrance Exam. Furthermore, the night study work needed to be put in place, proceeding from actual conditions all the time. Besides, subject activities needed to be open to more students to increase their participation.
Sixth of all, teacher Zhou Sixin of the chemistry group summarized the teaching routine work of the group: the collective lesson preparation activities should be completed in accordance with quality and quantity; There must be a combination of teacing plan presentation and discussion before the demonstration lessons; In terms of homework marking, if there is an exam, the teachers must mark the papers.
Seventh of all, Director Hu also summarized the teaching work of this semester, affirming the strong support and active cooperation of the teaching and research group leaders and the teaching and research groups in that the level of teaching and research work improved significantly, and various activities were colorful. Meanwhile, Director Hu put forward some shortcomings and plans for the summer vacation and the new semester. He insisted on grasping and leading the teaching and research direction of the discipline, constructing a strong academic research atmosphere in the teaching and research group, and creating a positive, harmonious and warm teaching and research group.
Last but not the least, Director Li Ping affirmed the work of the teaching and research groups, and put forward a few small regrets: there is no ‘bring in’, nor ‘send out’. Therefore, we should not only see the successful experience of other schools, but also let other schools know our strength. Secondly, the lack of database made it impossible to integrate and share resources, which is what we need to work on next.
More noticeably, this conference timely summarized the achievements and shortcomings of the teaching work in this semester, and also made a clear direction for the following final teaching work, which laid a foundation for the smooth development of subsequent teaching and research activities, the improvement of teaching and research quality and the breakthrough of teaching and research results.
In conclusion, let us not say that the mountains are impassable, but let us move forward with strength. In the future, each teaching and research group will forge ahead, do a solid job to promote the improvement of teaching quality based on the actual situation of the teaching and research group.