Drowning Prevention Education
On the afternoon of 4th July, 2022, the anti-drowning inspection team of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau visited our school to inspect and guide the anti-drowning safety education work. Yan Hongping, Vice Principal of our school and Jin Gensheng, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee warmly received the inspection team.
First and foremost, the inspection team toured the campus and learned that through hanging banners, pasting publicity boards, LED screens and other forms, our school vigorously proceeded drowning prevention publicity and education, thus creating a strong ‘anti-drowning’ safety education atmosphere on campus. Additionally, the inspection team was briefed on the report on the anti-drowning work and carefully checked the anti-drowning safety education ledger. 
In conclusion, the inspection team fully affirmed the safety education work of drowning prevention in our school and agreed that our school had a solid anti-drowning education program in that we were determined to carry out a special anti-drowning education on the national safety education platform for primary and secondary school students, focus on a theme safety education before holidays, assign an anti-drowning safety education assignment, and carry out knowledge competition, display board publicity, oath signing and a series of ‘cherish life to proceed anti-drowning safety education’ activities. What’s more, every week, national flag raising, team meeing and class meeting will be adopted to implement random anti-drowning education. In addition, ‘A Letter to Parents of Primary and Secondary School Students nationwide’ and a notice to parents will be issued. Also, we should hold a parents’ meeting and establish a mobile phone reminder system in the forms of WeChat, school information, SMS and so on and incorporate anti-drowning safety education into class hours. On the other hand, we should require students that they do not go swimming without permission, do not swim with others without permission, do not swim without a parent or teacher, do not swim in unfamiliar waters. Furthermore, it’s forbidden to swim in waters without safety facilities and rescue personnel. Last but not the least, students who can’t swim are not allowed to go into the water without permission. Therefore, the inspection team agreed that our school had strictly implemented the ‘10 tough measures to prevent drowning of teenagers and children’ arranged by the superior and initiated publicity and education to teachers, students and parents from various angles and in an all-round way.