Patriotic Speech Contest
On the afternoon of 24th April, 2022, the 28th Youth Patriotism Reading Education Activity, other known as the Speech Contest for Middle School Students of Municipal Directly Affiliated Schools was held in Anqing Guest House. Three students from our school participated and won awards.
To be concrete, the speech contest was organized by the Municipal Publicity Department and the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau with the theme of ‘Always Follow the Party and Strive for a New Journey’. A total of 41 contestants from municipal directly affiliated schools competed in a fierce competition. Student Xu Zifeng from Class 811 of the west campus had the honor to win the first prize while Jiangzhou Yangyang from Class 707 of the west campus and Wu Haijun from Class 8, Grade 11 of the east campus respectively won the second prizes. During the competition, centering on the theme of ‘Always Follow the Party and Strive for a New Journey’, the three students praised the Party, loved the Party and followed the Party from different angles with vivid language and examples around them, expressing the feelings of loving the Party and patriotism of contemporary teenagers. In conclusion, our school has always attached great importance to the annual speech contest with patriotism as the theme. The three students who participated in the contest were all excellent contestants who had been selected and stood out from the crowd. Furthermore, the competition not only demonstrated the youth and talent of Anqing Foreign Language School’s students, but more significantly, stimulated the enthusiasm of middle school students to lovel the Party and the country. While enriching middle school students’ campus life, we should guide them to establish correct outlook on life, world view and values.