English Demonstration Lesson
On the afternoon of September 29th, 2021, the English group of the Primary Section held a demonstration lesson of famous teachers, which was taught by teacher Zhang Cheng, and the subject of which was ‘Unit 2 Part B Let's Talk’ from the first volume of PEP Grade 6. All English teachers of the Primary Section and some teachers of other subjects in the Primary Section were present to observe the class.
To be concrete, the curriculum design of this class fully embodies the student-centered teaching concept, which creates a real context for students through English nursery rhymes and PPT courseware, helps students understand the topic content of the dialogue with classroom exercises, and meticulously designs classroom activities to provide a stage for students to showcase themselves. What’s more, the students' fluent English expression and active cooperation in class left a deep impression on the teachers present.
In conclusion, the top teachers’ class demonstration is an important part of daily teaching and research in the Primary Section. On the one hand, the teachers who displayed the lessons thought positively and innovated constantly in the course of lesson preparation. On the other hand, the teachers who observed the classes also actively communicated with each other during the classes and benefited a lot. Furthermore, all the teachers in the English group agreed that they would think more and be bold and innovative in the future teaching so as to offer more wonderful classes for students!