Maths and Physics Competition
In order to explore the potential of students, guide students to gradually construct the thinking methods in maths and physics, and mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn mathematics and physics, the launching ceremony of mathematics and physics competitions for Grade 8 and Grade 9 was held on September 24th.
First and foremost, Director Zhang Li of the Teaching Department spoke highly of the excellent results of the maths and physics competitions in our school in recent years, and gave high expectations to the students. Afterwards, she wished the launching ceremony a complete success.
Furthermore, teacher Zhou Mi showed a group of interesting math pictures, which pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. In addition to showing the wonder of mathematical change, she also told the students, ‘In reality, there is no real straight line nor perfect circle. Instead, it is in our mathematical theory, in the ideal world we build, and in our lifelong pursuit of perfection.’ Zhou Mi also wants everyone to fall in love with this ‘romantic’ subject.
Last but not the least, teacher Zhang Manwang introduced the importance of physics, and encouraged everyone to overcome their fears, and insist on exploring the mysteries of physics.
In a nutshell, the opening ceremony greatly stimulated the students' enthusiasm to learn mathematics and physics, and will eventually fully develop the students' thinking ability in mathematics and physics and let them shine in their favorite fields.