Physics Teaching and Research Activities
In order to further improve the teaching level of physics group teachers in the Senior High Department and better understand the new teaching materials, in the second class on the afternoon of September 15th, physics teacher Zhang Mei with the Senior High Department showed us a wonderful demonstration lesson.
To be specific, Director Xu Haihong of the Senior High Department and all teachers of the physics group attended the class, after which physics teaching and research group leader Xu Min presided over the class evaluation activities, and the teachers present expressed their opinions as well. It was considered that teacher Zhang Mei had vivid language, decent teaching manner, solid basic teaching skills, strong classroom control ability, and the classroom teaching design fully embodied the new teaching concept. In addition, everyone offered their own suggestions for Zhang Mei's class.
Furthermore, Director Xu Haihong summarized the open class and affirmed the highlights of this class. He thought that this demonstration lesson also displayed the energetic and enterprising demeanor of young teachers in Anqing Foreign Language School’s physics group. Meanwhile, Director Xu Haihong emphasized the implementation of several routine work of the physics group, such as the standardization of teaching plans, the procedure of lecture presentation, and the development of open classes.
All in all, this teaching and research activity provides a platform for young physics teachers to showcase their teaching talents, promotes the exchange and discussion of physics teaching, and contributes to the improvement of young teachers' teaching ability.