A Bulletin of Glad Tidings

First of all, warm congratulations to teacher Li Ping for being awarded the Advanced Educator of 2021. Meanwhile, teacher Zhou Mi was awarded Excellent Head Teacher of Anqing City in 2021 and teachers Fang Longxing and Jiang Shandong had the honor to win the 2021 Excellent Teachers Awards.
Second of all, warm celebrations to teacher He Peipei for winning the first prize in the 2021 Junior High School English High Quality Class Competition of Anqing Municipality. In the meantime, teacher Zhang Yan won the second prize and teacher Qi Qingqing was awarded the third prize.
Last but not the least, warm congratulations to teacher Jiang Zhengying for winning the first prizes in both Geography Teaching Plan Presentation Competition and Geography High Quality Class Competition in Anqing City. Meanwhile, teacher Liu Dong won the second prize in the Geography Teaching Plan Presentation Competition, and teacher Jiang Zhengying will represent Anqing City to participate in the Geography High Quality Class Competition of Anhui Province.

Anqing Foreign Language School
14th September, 2021