Exchange on Excellence Training
In order to gain an advantageous position in the enrollment of Chengyi Academy of Anqing No. 1 Middle School, cultivate top excellent students, and promote the development of the school to a higher level, Anqing Foreign Language School held a summary and exchange meeting on the experience of training excellent students on the afternoon of June 30th, 2021 in the first-floor lecture hall of the Junior High Department of the west campus, which was presided over by Director Zhang Li of the Teaching Department and attended by Managing Vice Principal Liu Bing, Principal Assistant Hu Qilin, Director Li Ping of the Junior High Department of the east campus, Director Wang Shengxiang of the Moral Education Department of the west campus, Deputy Director Hu Sen of the Teaching Department of the east campus, Deputy Director Xu Lihong of the Moral Education Department of the east campus as well as the head teachers in charge of classes in 2021 and head teachers of the Wisdom Classes from Grade 7 and Grade 8.
The first item of the meeting: Director Zhang Li expressed her sincere thanks to the teachers who have been working hard for the program. Afterwards, she reported the gratifying results obtained by our students in the admission examination of Chengyi Academy of Anqing No. 1 Middle School in 2021: 21 students scored more than 205; 30 with more than 200 points; Finally, a concise and profound summary was made on the training and excellence work of the Teaching Department.
The second session: Deputy Director Hu Sen in charge of teaching in the east campus introduced the specific situation of the training and excellence work in the east campus, exchanged the methods and experiences of the training and excellence work, and put forward new requirements and goals for the later training and excellence work.
The third session of the meeting: teachers Zhou Mi and Zhang Manwang, as representatives of the advisors of the excellent training classes of 2021, made their wonderful speeches. They communicated with the teachers present about their efforts for each student, and shared their specific methods and experiences in the work of training excellent students. In particular, teacher Zhou Mi's experience of ‘crossing the river by feeling for stones’ in the past three years was the most impressive and touching part. Every drop of the three years was soaked in the painstaking efforts and sweat of Ms. Zhou, whose hard work and intelligent education made every teacher in the meeting admire and praise.
Item 4 and item 5 of the meeting: Zhu Renge and Chen Rui, representatives of class teachers of 2021, delivered their speeches respectively. In addition, the head teachers from two campuses of 2021 had a free exchange, and Zhou Xingbin and Yao Guoyu gave their speeches.
The sixth item: Principal Assistant Hu Qilin once again emphasized the importance of the excellent training work, and hoped that all teachers would work together, optimize resources, give full play to the advantages of the team, cultivate more and better students, and finally he called on everyone not only to work hard to make education a success, but also make education of the highest quality to build a golden brand of the school.
Last but not the least, Vice Principal Liu Bing summed up the meeting who not only affirmed the achievements and significance of the training and excellence work, but also put forward the viewpoint of ‘cultivating excellence is to improve the core competitiveness of the school’ with great foresight, and gave all-round guidance to the later work of cultivating excellence.
Overall, it is believed that through the earnest exploration and practice of all teachers, the training and optimization work of the Junior High Department will be on a higher level and achieve better results.