Home Visit in Summer Vacation
In order to understand students' academic performance in summer vacation, further strengthen safety education in summer vacation, guide students' summer life scientifically, and promote children's healthy growth through home-school cooperation, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus organized each head teacher to carry out summer home visit with the theme of ‘Work together, Cooperate together, and Grow together safely’.
To begin with, in July, the main form of home visits was face-to-face communication between teachers and parents. Specifically, during the home visit, each time the teachers went to a student's home, they first understood the student's family situation, at-home performance, study and life; In addition, the teachers emphasized safety during the summer vacation, especially traffic and anti-drowning safety. In the meantime, the teachers understood the children's situation at home and listened carefully to the parents' suggestions on education, teaching and life security.
Furthermore, in August, in order to cooperate with the anti-pandemic work, teachers flexibly made home visits by telephone, online videos and other forms according to the situation of students in their classes and their own work. While learning about the basic information of students' summer study and safety, teachers reminded parents that the current pandemic situation was serious and complex, and they should continue to do a good job in pandemic prevention and control. Meanwhile, the head teachers urged parents and students aged 12-17 to actively participate in novel coronavirus vaccination so as to build an immune barrier.
In a nutshell, the home visit has narrowed the distance between teachers and parents, school and family, further enhanced the safety awareness of students and parents, and implemented the parents' responsibility of safety education and guardianship for their children. What's more, parents are urged to improve the safety awareness of drowning prevention, pandemic prevention and control, travel, home, food and other aspects so that children can have a safe and happy holiday.