Home Visit in Senior Department
The scorching sun in July couldn't stop the enthusiasm of the teachers from Anqing Foreign Language School for home visits. Teachers walked into students' homes with responsibility and warmth, and got close to their hearts to let them feel the love of the teachers and let the parents feel the warmth of the school.
Specifically, teachers sat face to face with parents to talk about their children, the school's educational concept, helped parents set up the right educational concept, and solve some of the confusion in family education. Evidently, the teachers communicated with the children with sincerity and heart. Moreover, the teachers not only had a detailed understanding of each student's learning environment and performance at home, but also expected them to make the most of their summer vacation time by combining work with rest and checking up on deficiencies. In the meantime, the teachers put forward feasible suggestions on students’ summer study plans. During home visits, teachers also remembered the children's safety issues during the summer vacation. Other than that, the head teachers reminded parents to do a good job of children's guardianship, strengthen safety supervision, and help children grow up safely.
In conclusion, education is love and responsibility. Conscientiousness can realize the sincere communication between home and school and sending love can create a better tomorrow for children as well. Furthermore, home visit is the most beautiful encounter, which shortens the distance, deepens the feeling, and makes education vivid and hopeful! More noticeably, home visit activities during summer vacation let deep love on the road of home visit spread and pass on. Therefore, the children and their parents were full of joy and deeply grateful for the teachers’ arrival.