Double Support Activities
In order to better carry forward the fine tradition of ‘the army loves the people and the people support the army’ and promote the development of Double-Support Policy in Anqing Foreign Language School in that we support the army and give preferential treatment to the families of the armyman and martyrs and the army upholds the government and loves the people, on the morning of August 1st, 2021, Lao Guolin, member of the General Party Branch of Anqing Foreign Language School, Jin Gensheng, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and Xu Haihong, Deputy Director of the Senior High Department, went to a department of the Air Force in Anqing to carry out the ‘August 1’ activity under the scorching sun, full of deep friendship and lofty respect for the People's Army. The army leaders received the school leadership and had a discussion.
On the forum, General Party Branch member Comrade Lao Guolin extended holiday congratulations to the army on behalf of the school. Later on, Jin Gensheng, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, thanked the troops for their care and support for Anqing Foreign Language School's military training and national defense education in the past. In addition, Deputy Director Xu Haihong of Senior High Department communicated with the army leaders about the arrangement of the military training for freshmen in the school this year. 
Furthermore, the military leader expressed gratitude to Anqing Foreign Language School, who said that he would continue to support the military training of freshmen and the national defense education of the school. Meanwhile, he said that although the army was busy with work this year, he would definitely send elite soldiers to participate in the military training for freshmen of Anqing Foreign Language School.
Last but not the least, the two sides agreed to further strengthen military-to-civilian contacts and expand exchanges in the future. They look forward to further strengthening cooperation and joint construction, realizing complementary advantages and writing a new chapter of military-to-civilian cooperation.