Online Teaching and Research Activities
In order to improve teachers' professional quality and teaching skills to better assist the new semester, the teaching and research group of the Senior High School Entrance Examination disciplines of the Junior High Department of the east campus carried out online teaching and research activities regularly under the unified arrangement and guidance of the division so as to make comprehensive preparation for the teaching work of the new semester.
As the saying goes, he that would do a good job must sharpen his tools. At the beginning of the summer vacation, each subject group made plans, decomposed research tasks, and fully implemented the tasks, which raised the curtain of the summer teaching and research activities. Moreover, the teaching and research groups of Chinese, Mathematics and English took the lesson preparation group as a unit, and the other groups took the teaching and research group as a unit. They made full use of Wechat or the DingTalk platform to determine the topic of each study, complete the study activities within the groups, and form written materials and submit them to the Junior High Department.
During the activity, the teachers actively participated and discussed under the leadership of the group leader, and deeply discussed the features of the teaching materials of the new semester as well as the key and difficult points of the teaching contents in each unit and the types of assignments.
On the whole, there is no end to learning and no end to research. The teaching and research activities provide a platform for teachers to communicate, learn, train and display, which helps the teachers grow professionally and get ahead of the new semester.